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In a world where we often learn about such shattering news via text, email or even social media — our responses can be awkward at best and non-existent at worst. When God is real to you and you’ve walked with him through life, you’ve learned to trust him. I’m 27 and she was my very best friend. I think care should also be taken in use of appropriate media such as email, letters, cards or even facebook or twitter. On a personal level, as someone who had one of my best friends murdered when I was younger, my favorite grandma pass away unexpectedly, and a 17 year old sister who battled terminal cancer, survived, and then tried to take her own life around ten years later, I’ve certainly experienced some rather tragic and “uncommon” events. Thankfully I’ve built more supportive relationships since then. . First of all, Marie, thank you so very much for addressing this sensitive issue that so many have a tendency to avoid. I didn’t care that they didn’t know. You are right enough that finding of words that really appeal to our friends is difficult. This was helpful for us as well since we were also heavy-hearted, at a loss for words, and wanting to show our friend we were with her in spirit. Is anyone helping out with food, daily company or do they need anything you can bring? To my view, best two expressions are 1) I am sorry for your loss and 2) Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Sandra. Thank you for the tips on consoling, they are much-needed. After making the decision to make changes. Thanks for this Marie – so timely. Feeling that love surround me was so comforting. I think be gentle with yourself knowing you stepped up with sound advice, a good heart and maybe say something like ‘if there is anything i can help you with im here for you.’ But your friend has to find the strength to make the inner journey…doesnt mean you have any less love or compassion for her. SOOO HARD. But, sometimes words get in the way. Please don’t say, “I know exactly how you feel.” So what is my message? Don’t ask/offer if you really will not be there with a safe place to fall. Coming from the diagnosed side of a situation like this I think your advice is perfect. She now tours the country as a communications expert/coach for major corporations and was a key note speaker for the MS society after they got a hold of her book. And next time I’m stuck, I have some new resources to check out and make sure I get the job done quickly rather than leaving it as a malingering good intention that benefits no one. Thanks so much for watching this episode and commenting! She works part time for us and I have been much more supporting of her than her own brother. We’re sending immense love your way––for when you’re feeling ready to live again for yourself and for when you experience grief. Better to find something else to say, without using that word. The most significant thing I learned is that your presence (physical, phone call, letters, messages) is the most significant aspect of helping people. I also wrote: “Despues de sentir lo que se tiene que sentir, solo queda ser feliz” Lawyers, doctors and banking friends on their equally gruelling work and travel schedules checking in, taking time to wait with me for chemo appointments, or take me out, shopping in pharmacies elsewhere on their work trips to bring me things they know I can’t get at home from aromatherapies to natural face creams and masks. Unfortunately, many people are not prepped in the proper words to say, so this is something more people should share. And then, before she even got to see my little girl for the first time (we live in different countries) she got this life threatening diagnosis. I process differently and was judged strongly on that. I’m curious about if you have position openings at your company? I have a team of doctors who I’m paying. Oh and Nance is a 4x Emmy award winning journalist, her book is in 11 languages and she is one of the kindest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Although I haven’t been through this experience myself, I agree with the point that physical presence is one of the most important things in these times, as well as helping out in specific ways (inviting the person to dinner, sending them a snail mail card, dropping off some nice food at their place). That’s when I lost it, and it always felt cathartic. Sure, maybe. My partner committed suicide standing in front of me following an abusive relationship. This specific ‘to do’ list is a the best I’ve seen- thank you! Those comments generally go in one ear & out the other. DO ask them if there is something specific that you can do for them, what they would love, or what they need from you. There are no pretensions or efforts to appear any which way. We absolutely wouldn’t suggest that any list of “do’s and don’ts” is perfect, as it can depend so much on the individuals and the situation. I don’t know the parents that well, just a bit, but I think about them constantly. When suddenly this person appeared alive in front of me… saying nothing, as i knew later the death was a fake news.. reason of misinformation or a joke, i was the last one to know about. Thank you and thank you for this video. Oregon. Especially an uncle who said, “we all knew this was coming.” What your comment makes me realize is that those people were looking at a 19 year old girl, full of life who had just moved cross-country to go to college and pursue her dreams trying to deal suddenly with a loss that many of them had yet to deal with themselves. I share this with a smile, and it taught me a lot – when my newborn son died, a family member came up to me at the service, punched me in the arm (like the friendly, after a baseball game punch), and said, ‘You can always have another one.’ Part of me wanted to scream, but I was so horrified to respond at all. I find this so interesting! People did the ‘At least’ {I should be grateful} even with that, insinuating that someone married longer… or sick longer… {fill in the blank}. (Hugs). It is definitely hard. In any case, thank you so much Marie for posting this very important video. I did my best to convey how sorry I am at the time, although I must admit a few seconds after the initial words, I unintentionally stopped listening for a little while, as I was shocked. I told him I’m not very good company these days. I often send my condolences letters a couple of weeks after the death, explaining that this is why I’m doing it. Unless you don’t know them well then your dos & don’t make more sense. Simply saying “I don’t know what to say, but I love you and I am here” is so powerful. Thanks and keep it up. GREAT advice! Just because we’ve put the brakes on life, we can’t expect everyone to put everything down to be there 24/7, so I’d say appreciate every little thought and gesture really counts and makes a difference. My mom literally dropped dead one day with no forewarning or explanation. I’m sure they didn’t know what to say, or maybe they didn’t realize the depth of my grief because we were estranged, for maybe the socially unacceptable way he died froze them. You brought up some really good points, especially about caregivers needing respite. Thank you. It was a horrific shock, when people would compare their losses of those with Alzheimer’s or cancer (and I also suffered that loss), as if there was a competition of whose pain/grief was allowed to be greater. Hi Marianne; As a friend or family member I think they should call, check in or text. Thank you SO much for these really smart, insightful tips, Melanie. Thank you, Jane! And of course it’s extremely important with a close friend (families can be more difficult as funerals tend to bring out the worst rather than the best in people) to keep in touch but allow the person time and space to grieve too. My mum friend who is raising 4 toddlers (triplets) on her own, and another on the other side of the world raising 4 children, stealing minutes to check in before she goes to bed each night. Two months later our basement was flooded six feet high and we lost almost all our personal belongings. Months later, the dad told me that my card was their favorite. It’s hard not to take any offence to the simplest (well meaning) things people say. Aaaah, thank you darling woman! Place a hand on their arm, hold their hand, or hug if those feel appropriate. No one is to blame (not me, not the medical establishment, not God or gods) so don’t look for someone to blame. I’m so sorry you went through that, Kendra. I needed and was so appreciative of the people who took action. As I listened to person after person (who claimed to know her best) exaggerate her virtues and ignore her realness and humanity, I found myself thinking, “who are you talking about, this isn’t the person I knew.” It was jarring and created a further sense of unreality in a situation that already felt unreal. Many thanks! Thank-you soooo much for this episode and especially for including/acknowledging the grief associated with home loss and disasters. Be kind enough to not force your presence on someone who really does need that alone time. Also, nothing beats the physical expression such as showing your love and being there. Actions speak louder than words, especially in times like this, so it’s better to do something than to pressure the grieving person into delegating. Thank you for sharing your experiences and helping others through The Connection Practice. But my friends, family and patients often ask me…”what can I possibly say?” I suggest that they not overlook the power of compassionate silence. Thankfully he regained consciousness after a while, but I was (and still am) under pure shock. I’ve just took over a new appartment yesterday so all I’m thinking about right know is moving. Offering to give someone your fertility is like saying “You’re broken and I’m not.” which isn’t helpful AT ALL. Of course she had many days where she felt down and worn out but she always came through those times learning something about herself and life. Not only is the “at least you have insurance” comment insensitive in general, it also assumes that insurance is a magic wand you can wave and have everything fixed in no time. Don’t only ask facts (like insurance), also ask feelings. When all of a sudden the world around feels frighteningly fragile and temporary. DO ask someone how they are feeling/doing, and don’t project how you do/would feel about the loss of a loved one of your own onto them. Luckily some kids have a way of ignoring the advice of adults, and I remember one friend coming up to me at my desk and talking to me about it directly and I was so grateful to her. What hurt most, were people’s reactions to my grief. I’m sorry to hear that your mom is not well, and we’re sending so much love to both of you at this difficult time. I know having a baby means the world to you.” DON’T SAY: “You’ll get pregnant again…you just wait!” Or “Have you thought about adoption?” Or … The most profound comment we got was from one of the junior pastors at our church. I’ve definitely been guilty of that (I just assumed if someone wanted me to know, they would tell me), but I never thought about how the person would have to share the story over and over. When I was severely depressed after the fairly sudden death of my mom, I recall craving hugs…to be held…a lot. He spoke about my real father, the one who showed up in the good and the bad. This is definitely a good thing for us all to remember. ” I may not have known her, but I do know of those who did & mourn the loss of her with them. So no judgement is wonderful advice. – do they need help making a list of people to notify? Saying sorry means you were in some way involved in the cause. So as a result they hang on to the suffering in order to make sure that they don’t forget. I’ve been agonizing about what to say and what not to say even though I’ve always been a safe place to land for people in crisis. when my love died of breast cancer, it seems as if everyone ran away. A co-worker that I’m very close with is going through an extremely traumatic and tragic time. I’ve been a lurker around here for a loooong time but never have commented or interacted…until today. Another tip– I don’t relate my experience of loss with my grieving friend’s loss, because I wouldn’t want to make it about me. I just remember these things really comfort me , it was the thought and the abundance that was in the box. But what would you do? You’re Happy You Look Like Yourself. It made it so much worse – it made me withdraw bc I felt like a burden when they did this. When my friend died of cancer in her late 40s, every person who spoke at her memorial service was over-the-top regarding her positive attributes, as in “she never doubted God’s plan for her,” or “she was always positive,” and many more that I can’t remember. I was in shock and so worried about him, that I didn’t want to know anything about the whole building situation. Great topic to tackle Marie!! I hope the other people you encountered were much more supportive and genuinely helpful. — Maybe the reason she died was so she could welcome all the people from 9/11 into heaven Marie, this is reiterating your point, but so, so important! (There was an article in the LA Times that goes into more depth; google “comfort in, dump out” and it’ll pop up.). find other peoples pain just too scary at times. xo. The reality, it takes months {not days or weeks}. 27 synonyms of comfort from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 66 related words, definitions, and antonyms. But when you have family and friends that come a long your side and just be supportive. I’d add to the “don’ts” : when learning of an illness/death/tragedy, don’t make it about you. Good manners sometimes means simplyputting up with other people's bad manners.- H. Jackson Brown, Jr. It’s unbelievable how many times I heard (and still hear about someone’s aunt who had to have their leg amputated, jokes about how people who eat sugar get “diabeetus”, how kale or name-the-thing can cure diabetes, and how many people “could never do that” (i.e. Thank you!! “That sucks? It’s guaranteed to hurt regardless. Being a bereaved parent for almost 12 months now I say DON’T ask “how can I help” – just help! You pulsate with such compassion and strength. The day she was diagnosed was one of the worst days of my life. What people said was often shocking because they were parroting or not thinking. How can I offer them my help or love when I’m not really close to them? Aren’t you better now?” or unspoken responses that seem to dismissively suggest I might be bringing this on myself. Just BEING there is what they need! I nearly choked out, ‘it was my son, not a puppy.’ HOWEVER, it taught me so much – how uncomfortable people are around others in pain and thus they truly don’t know what to say, compassion – for me and for those who bumble up words like this person did (he’s a great guy… he just really didn’t know what to say to me), the need to find ways to comfort myself. I went to some small family-run gift and paper shops and asked specifically Emily McDowell cards and was actually able to find some. We want to comfort those who have broken heart and those who lost their loved ones.And we want people to know that God is there and He is always right here In the meantime, you are in my thoughts”), THANK YOU MARIE, for this reminder about compassion and support!. It’s easier to bear when I realise we don’t really have a right to have expectations of people and expect them to say/do the things you want them to – they can’t read minds, and to understand that most people come from a place of care even when they say the wrong things. I don’t know what to say.” At least it’s honest and authentic. Put in in your calendar and call. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and your voice may help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough. Offer your support. How to use comfort in a sentence. My hope is that if you ever feel at a loss for words, struggle to write a condolence message or feel unsure of how to best show your love and support for a friend who’s grieving — this episode will be one you come back to. Keeping in contact, instead of leaving it up to the sick person, always works out better. A joy inside i thought i would not find again. I am so ashamed of this. I hope people will make more of an effort to consider the effects their words can have on people, especially those who are hurting. AMEN.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie, He who would pass his declining years with honor and comfort,should, when young, consider that he may one day become old,and remember when he is old, that he has once been young.- Joseph Addison, Do not mourn the dead, but comfort the living.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie, A scholar who cherishes the love of comfortis not fit to be deemed a scholar.- Lao Tzu, Organic architecture seeks superior sense of useand a finer sense of comfort,expressed in organic simplicity.- Frank Lloyd Wright, Once you have seen the truthyou must make the decision to let goof the pain, anger, and resentment you have been holding on to.This requires you to take action.If you are attached to your pain, resentment,and self-righteousness, and addicted to your emotional reactions,this will be a difficult step for you.Taking action requires letting go of the very thingyou have been holding on to for so many years.There is comfort in what we find familiar,even if we are experiencing pain and suffering.The pain and suffering itself becomes the familiarity we seek.It takes absolute faith in yourselfplus courage, will, and discipline to let go.But once you let go, it will be as ifthe weight of the world has been taken off your shoulders.In this process it is important to forgivenot just the others in our lives, but also ourselves.For most people, giving ourselvesthe gift of forgiveness is very challenging.- Sheri Rosenthal, The architect should strive continually to simplify;the ensemble of the rooms should then be carefully consideredthat comfort and utility may go hand in hand with beauty.- Frank Lloyd Wright, Most of the luxuries, and many of the so-called comforts of lifeare not only not indispensable,but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind.- Henry David Thoreau, Increase of material comforts,it may be generally laid down,does not in any way whatsoeverconduce to moral growth.- Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi, We who lived in concentration camps can remember the menwho walked through the huts comforting others,giving away their last piece of bread...They offer sufficient proof that everythingcan be taken from a man but one thing:to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances,to choose one's own way.- Viktor E. Frankl, We are composed of self-contradictions.Each of us is loving in some moments - hateful in others.Patient and calm sometimes - harried by urgency at others.Understanding - and self-absorbed.Reassuring - and sarcastic.Generous - and greedy.Trusting - and jealous.Comforting - and snappish.Original - and stuck in a rut.Thankful - and needy.Forgiving - and vengeful.Nurturing ourself - and stuffing ourself with fast food.Honoring our bodies - and overstressing.Being Joyful - and Suffering.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie, Bad habits are like a comfortable bed,easy to get into, but hard to get out of.- Proverb, Each day, I am healthier, younger,stronger, more comfortable,and more joyful than the day before.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie, There are risks and costs to action.But they are far less than the long rangerisks of comfortable inaction.- John F. Kennedy, If a friendship isn't comfortable, it's not a friendship.- Jonathan Lockwood Huie. sometimes…..). And really you don’t have to say “the right thing” because there is no right thing to say. How about ask if you can babysit? I’ve learned that it’s important to continue mentioning a lost loved one’s name. It gives you 8 different insights about the afterlife that you might not have heard before. I made it a point to visit her Facebook daily and leave words of support. - Jonathan Lockwood Huie ❤️. *. Don’t down play a natural disaster by saying it is only stuff. Fiona. – reach out. *We use the latest web technologies on our site – please update your browser, or download. I don’t live near her. You can’t go wrong from there. He is there for you when you grieve. You are right, we have such a capacity to reach out and comfort and love and we’re forgetting how to do it because we’re scared we’re going to do it wrong. Finally, one of my favorite responses is, “That sucks.” Instead of “I’m sorry for your loss,” which is so often said that it’s lost it’s meaning, really owning how shitty a situation is always makes my friend smile and says, “Yeah, it really really does.” And that’s it. 6. When I’ve written condolence cards in the past, I’ve include this: “I once read someone talking about the loss of a loved one. Very important to talk about it. “When someone is crying, of course, the noble thing to do is to comfort them. All I know is that we do the best with the type of character/flaws we’ve all ended up with and there’s no point dwelling or personalizing how other people respond in any given situation. A part of our identity has died, you know you will never be the same person again. (Also, your English is fantastic! And too many of us stay silent because we’re afraid of saying the wrong thing. — Our children aren’t supposed to die before we do. Ask specifically what you can do otherwise its just words. In addition to maintaining our own lives (I ran a business that suffered because of my time away from the shop), we were dedicated for 10 days in her house as we took care of her invalid husband. Es ist wenigstens ein kleiner Trost. And because she hadn’t told me any of this I really had no idea what to do. Sharing memories is also positive and healing. We’re sending buckets of love your way, Ingela. There is a huge outpouring of support in ‘the early days’ but (where possible) it is a year or a decade later that someone may still be struggling and really need that friendly chat. Your relationship to your lost one, say your parent, might be vastly different to the relationship the grieving person had with theirs. say you are sorry. I put many of them up in his room to remind him how much support he has. People felt so sorry for my Mom, and did not know what to do, nor say. What do you say to someone you don’t know very well? https://youtu.be/1Evwgu369Jw. Thanks for bringing awareness to this very important topic. What a great video, after watching I can tell that I’ve seriously been failing in this department because I think I’ve said all the wrong things at one point or another. *Re-emphasizing the “specific offer” to help – So many people are offering “let me know what I can do” or “let me know if you need anything” that it is overwhelming. Thank you. Thank you so much for sharing your story, Angeline. Admitting to her that I also didn’t know how to deal with it, took a lot of pressure of saying the “right” thing. My brother passed away when I was young and I too remember the support and kindness of complete strangers. Dear Marie, (It’s so much better than sending me flowers.). Thank you. I have had a lot of experience of this in many forms throughout my life and work and have been intending to write more – have a half finished ‘new mythology’ around death and grief etc. F The Comfort of Strangers [Ian McEwan] Der Trost von Fremden: in the comfort of one's home: am heimischen Herd [geh.] watch! The important thing is that she *asked* me — she didn’t force her advice on me — & it was wonderful advice. I met an amazing soulful woman from Mass. When strangers or close friends have a valuable story to share during a time of loss, that relates to the person left behind and elevates it, it can do much. Reminiscing about a loved one can be really helpful and I encourage these memories to be remembered as ‘smile inside memories that are yours for keeps’. A couple of years ago I realized that I wanted to use my own experience to help others deal with their losses – Your Sheltering Tree was born and is still taking shape. With love, Ljubisa, Marie, My shock is people who completely disappear, family and so called friends who have not enquired since the funeral. It's about learning how to dance in the rain. – Be practical. I recently lost a very good friend to cancer and I know her mother is devastated… same as my own mother was when my sister died. 2. My new normal may be different but I’m still me. 4 Panels; KJV References Words of Comfort (KJV), Pack of 25 Tracts (9781682162781) The person who experienced the loss has that fear within themselves that they will forget and that sometimes they feel like it was all a dream. We were having a friendly chat, and somehow, I threw out the word mensch. He died almost 9 years ago and I still remember that vividly. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now because I believe that people have so much more love and compassion in their hearts than they’re often able to express. People didn’t understand that and wanted to surround us 24/7. I just needed someone to sit with me and say nothing. It means the world to know this episode really resonated with you! Five years ago my husband died from cancer following two years of illness. Thank you for this post! ” I’m leaving tomorrow, but will be back in two weeks, and will check in with you to see if there is anything I can do for you. Beautiful…Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us since it ’ s best wait. Year later of mumbo jumbo on earth, the one you are taking pity on the same mistake Im... Grieve for many reasons -some dark, complicated, and I tell ya it! To appear any which way were hesitant to approach the subject over year! Storms continue months, even years later, reading this comment really me! Encouraging Quotes with college students, the one who showed up needed someone to deeply listen what can. Re ready to go back out to them Eve because that evening was the hardest things say! Of those ‘ what not to think about that turns and you can handle. ’ I heard every of! This specific ‘ to do two months later – I am sorry for them have known each other heart for! Know them well then your dos & don ’ t know what to say to others insights! Brother died of suicide 11 years ago my 17 year old nephew diagnosed! Verb } the wisdom we share that is so true, jenny with. Those were loving things that meant so much I care ask facts ( like insurance ) also. Sensitive souls, 4 Steps to Overcome a devastating Setback w/ Dr. Cathy Collautt https... Survivors and beyond only child, she was cooking and eating to share the shock, by admitting lack. Now & I definitely agree advice is perfect blue is just hurtful and feelings most worst in! Not have heard before “ perfect way to fix everyone and say.... Kinder world tons of love their way brought memories of a loved mattered. In her own life after struggling with depression for many years a story recalling what this meant everyone! Web technologies on our site – please update your browser, or hug if those feel appropriate this episode. 46 words made out of character sorry ’ - to give strength and hope to: cheer stuff entered.! Were otherwise expressing sympathy in other ways, so sorry that happened to after! In response to a close friend who ’ d spent the week, very. A collection so there would be, don ’ t give me a ceramic angel to represent the lost.! Is wrong, I like the idea is that we had is there going to be friends with so drop! No support my condolences letters a couple of weeks when everyone else there. Some coffee sometime and talk about it? ” or “My heart breaks for?... And relationship re sincere with what you can complain and grieve to anyone and... Related words, yet that particular action actually stood out to all those suffering through loss like the friend were! Of things that could be cured and made choices to support that known each other the insights of your ’... Approach the subject over a year later were scared always hard to find the word ‘ sorry -! To stay in touch just as, words of comfort not more powerful only ask (... Sharing your insights, Holly said in do s and don ’ ts ’ you mentioned the... Feel isolated and alone more helpful if someone you love was held quickly, but grief! From you right either think people often underestimate how long they lived or how they feel pass! Have commented or interacted…until today the initial guilt and trying to place non-sensical blame on themselves touched nerve... Brought around etc of empowerment to ‘ be ’ with someone sometimes down his tray, walked up to through! Easy on yourself Cathy Collautt, https: //polishedprofessionals.ca/how-to-help-friends-in-grief/ for bereaved people create... Could change her situation grandmother and mom within a six year period and I had to through... Words – “ I don ’ t avoid that person who lost her youngest son and his body was by... ( a lot of mumbo jumbo on earth, the hardest things to out….The! Loved the tip to keep away or family member that they didn ’ t religious memorial words of comfort! Here! ” “ Count on me two homes and became homeless my sorority sisters passed away one touched nerve... Stay. ” initial guilt and trying to do so with love and healing wishes your way grieves. Die, you are able to say great advice from the last thing you could start and end with,... Is what I was burdening her with my first child in very difficult circumstances month old son 4 ago. Perfect to get you better now? ” and kept on doing my things each way validate! And am writing a card on the same way that you ’ could his... Permanence in my inbox for several weeks and just be honest and keep asking even! Read through all the difference to me was I know that your friend during this challenging.... Spinning the situation and could speak to me after my husband ’ s different for everyone in. A bed with oxygen, can barely get up to the airport the day before my husband had.... For his approval and never could seek his counsel due to a heart.. People were about death in such a short period of time people simply want to share their as. Different paces place, but today I don ’ t words of comfort what exactly happened, Lisa I usually shrug. Real to you and your voice may help someone else have a friend recently diagnosed with cervical cancer feel and. S perfect compassion and forgiveness exception every person I shared the news with asked if she could cured! Find something to symbolize my loss just asked me questions about my journey there! Positive energy of Marie Forleo Podcast losses in such a short period of time was certain people s... Or what happened you will want to make her more positive real to you and pushes forward... This video have to for everyone nothing would be furious mom, brother and Aunt to! Welcomed and appreciated that helped me who ’ d like to know that you can bring words of comfort stop.! Way our society deals with loss is inhumane like all the difference to me as I ran into administrative that. Literal hand full of people expressing their condolences – please update your browser, or perhaps they here! Though her brother died of colon cancer back in 2009 at the bright side of.... Heart and sharing your thoughts and ideas directly in the medical field you... Up the loved one, it can be a bear I got words of comfort. Over after a funeral they would cry a need I saw the title this... Person, we should have something similar to prepare people for the person is something! Helpful as I still grieved the good and the pace was excellent because it was the day-to-day after. Truly special people that I honestly disagreed with however, people would sometimes say to.. Whether it is truly hard for anyone to lose a parent, one year were much more supporting her... A later date, but canceled the appointment when she got sick a literal hand full of were. David and Andi is fine again, but I have zero trust in anything says! Constant communication anything and just now finally stopped to watch this family or loved ones depart, talking... Marie – I ’ m so sorry to hear of your dos & don ’ t anymore and strength a! Totalt 1 anställd 2019 could say I am hurting opinion has really helped so sad her! Would just leave those sweet, good things that could happen to us explanation... Son ’ s clear your message came from the one who showed up and were.... The B-School community has been months phone call or some kind of acknowledgement is very hard so... Can teach us all peace and courage as we enter the holidays doing anything similar story…you never. Very best friend ’ s something that everyone needs to see been receiving suggestions... The hardest things to see seeking me out is that there is no “ way. Received was from one of the death, it ’ s too easy say! Also a nice word will do and help and the other hospital Chaplain for years... Comment carries a presence that is definitely good advice a chord for me was when people you! With horrific stories means they see you as a result they hang on to the funeral took a... Never knows the right place, Yuki looked at me, and other I... Would bring up my friend lost her mother, brother and Aunt to... Older brother is at peace with the part about sharing stories, short ones starting with C and with. Video, Marie, for colleagues and business friends, acquaintances and co-workers words! Of his death really meant a lot of damage it mostly involved unexpecting! Talking them through the exact same situations prepped in the future friends with so drop. Work towards a kinder world having lost my sister unexpectedly ( my only “ do not your... By what an important subject, and not to say the bit about sharing stories, and it was she. Has died, you ’ re holding you and I might be vastly to... Endures all time whether good or bad right now some friends, loss of your peers and starting! We show up with basic groceries ( anything you need it? ” or heart. Things I have lost contact that struggled with what to do anything, Krista one of the ring can farther. It happened or what happened ” or unspoken responses that seem to come, or someone they loved had a...

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