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The company was founded in 1978, and has expanded to 2,200 locations worldwide today. 12. I will never understand why they don't add extra beams at the back-end of the shelves. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. I was just on the inventory team and they are terrible. Answer See 15 answers. When I worked at one we almost always had an RV in our lot for a few days at a time, and so long as the owners didn't trash the lot management was cool with it. If he's using an allway and blunt tip blades, those are designed to cut cartons open and not damage product, provided you aren't an idiot. Apply for a The Home Depot Overnight Stocker job in Williston, VT. You should have seen how many gallons of paint I had to scrape up off the floor because everyone at my store lived by the "it's full when you hear a thud" rule. Wal-Mart parking lots, and Home Depot parking lots. Vendor/Supplier/Provider Services. Chlorine gas poisonings? Each other department has 2 or 3. Yeah I've seen how hard they work at other stores when I help out for inventory or before a big walk (probably because they take pride in knowing what they do makes a difference), but the team at my store move at a snails pace because they don't seem to give a rats ass. Job Description. It does sound like you have an awful freight team though, which sucks. Please select which describes you best. Time for that entire team to be taken to the training room and have their asses handed to them. Position Purpose: Associates in Freight/Receiving positions ensure the store is stocked and ready for business every day. Does anyone else feel like the overnight freight team at their store is completely incompetent? The Home Depot is an American retailer of home improvement and construction products and services. (We start Sundays at 9 so we get 37 hours from Monday at midnight till Friday morning at 6 and gain our last 3 sunday night ending at midnight) Home Depot 10 Off Coupon: Home Depot is an online Shop for all your home improvement needs.Furthermore, In this article you find Home Depot Promo Code military, 20 Percent Off Home Depot Coupon, Home Depot Printable Coupons, Home Depot moving Coupon & Home Depot Sales Ad. That hydrochloric acid fuckup is incomprehensibly bad. Talk to the freight DS directly. Home Depot. Job Description. Our SM praises them tho and only cares abut numbers and how fast they get freight done. Philadelphia Streets Department Announces Dates For Christmas Tree RecyclingIn Philadelphia, you … I'm on freight, and if anyone on my team did even half of that we'd be in deep doo doo pretty much immediately. I hd to take pics before they believed me, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Because it only perpetuates the stereotype that overnight crews are lazy. The average The Home Depot salary ranges from approximately $20,194 per year for Lumber Associate to $68,838 per year for Service Technician. OPERATIONS ASSOCIATES. As a DS I hated him, wasted many a useless hour wasting Markdowns on peg board and self-tappers. Agreements Damn dude, that's crazy. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Home Depot has a night crew so there are always cars in the lot during the week. Welcome to The Home Depot's Health Check. Overnight Stocker salaries at The Home Depot can range from $10 - $16. I had an overnight ASM say the exact thing, it was the DSs job to secure the back so that didn't happen. Home Depot is a great company to work for simply because they want you to grow. I feel bad for whoever has to remove the racking one day. When you check in between the aisles, nothing is on the floor. My experience is less that the overnight team is lazy, but rather that they just don't give a fuck. This form should only be completed on days you are scheduled to work and no more than 4 hours before the start of your shift. Like, they'll do all the work just fine, but they'll do stuff like flying my hardiebacker in outside garden outside of cover to get rained (and soon snowed) on. Nightshift Freight Associate hourly pay at The Home Depot can range from $9 - $14. 8,266 questions and answers about The Home Depot Shifts. My greatest fear is having a pallet of stones fall on me. We can electronically provide you the To get these electronically your device must be capable of printing or storing web pages and/or PDFs and your browser must have 128-bit security. Shop online at The Home Depot Canada for all of your home improvement needs. Job Description. 13. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Kmart Click here or call 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337). WHY WORK OVERNIGHT AT THE HOME DEPOT? Need FTL, expedited, air or intermodal rate quotes for domestic and international freight? Answered September 6, 2019. The typical The Home Depot Overnight Stocker salary is $12. I hear it a lot but once I started working overnight with them I saw what an insane amount of work they get done every night. Push till you hear a thud, that's when you know your doing it right! They are very anti-union because being unionized will prevent them from abusing their employees. View this and more full-time & part-time jobs in Williston, VT on Snagajob. We have a core team that does a damned good job, and usually keeps the others in line; but we are always understaffed, overworked, and have to clean up after the daytime associates or get the blame ourselves. NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE! They constantly put merchandise in the wrong spot, leave boxes/pallets on the ground or on shelves, one of them (and I've confronted them about it) keeps using a knife to open boxes of 2-cycle causing me to have to mark down ~$100 of product every few days and clean up all the … The number of rewarding customer relationships that can be built at The Home Depot has no quota. What is The Home Depot? They could be a bit better about putting individual boxes of overstock up, but sometimes they are hard to spot. Average The Home Depot hourly pay ranges from approximately $10.00 per hour for Front End Manager to $16.10 per hour for Supervisor. Its a close second for me. Many big stores such as Home Depot will allow you to park overnight on their lot. 1,692 reviews from The Home Depot employees about working as a Freight Team Associate at The Home Depot. I literally saw some of them throw freight into the overhead from the floor, out boxes behind stuff we already tagged (that weren’t the same sku), they tagged numerous pallets wrong too. In our three biggest departments (28, 25, and 21) there are 4 freight team members. I hate to say it, but you don't usually get the best and brightest people working graveyard shifts. An hour before everyone starts to show up there's stacks of empty pallets, hundreds of boxes and garbage everywhere.. then it's all taken care of and they're on to store readiness. Sounds like you need a hazmat response team on speed dial. The typical The Home Depot Nightshift Freight Associate makes $12 per hour. Applicant Questions For questions from careers.homedepot.com, please call 1-866-698-4347 Applicant Questions. Working day or night, we treat them with care and respect. How is he cutting into oil bottles opening boxes anyway unless he is TRYING to cut into product, has point tip blades (wrong) or a non-issue or modded knife (wrong)? The Home Depot is committed to being an equal employment employer offering opportunities to all job seekers including individuals with disabilities. It just sucks for our openers because they're stuck finishing the carts and cleaning up, that the stuff openers are supposed to do get pushed back to the mids and closers (me) so we're left trying to do 2 peoples jobs.

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