glock 48 vs 43x

I like both of the new GLOCK Slimline pistols, with a solid preference for the GLOCK G43X. I admit I wasn’t sold on the silver finish, but it’s growing on me and seems to be extremely durable and forgiving. I also did the same swap using my friends G43 and everything worked. Le Glock 43X est constitué d'une culasse de G43 assemblée sur la carcasse ultra plate du nouveau G48 à chargeur de 10 coups. After we received leaks and information about both the Glock G43X and the G48–even more images flooded our inbox. 43x/48. Compare the dimensions and specs of Glock G43 and Glock G43X This is a Glock 43X, 48 10-round magazine. Hell, I have even openly stated I am “meh” about the G43X. Reviews (0) Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave … Actually, I had two, the first between rounds 150 and 200 and the second between rounds 250 and 300, both with Speer Lawman 147gr FMJ. I’ve just shot the 1911 so much it’s hard to appreciate another firegum. They made the Glock 26 in 9mm and the Glock 27 in .40 S&W. Archived. I stake my life on my Gen 5 19 every day at work. And that was as much difference as I could wring out of them if I was using the same ammo. When it comes to the simplest draw and fire drill, the difference in times between the G43X and G48 were so minuscule they were difficult to measure. 17 +1 (9mm Luger) 19 +1 (9mm Luger) 24 +1 (9mm Luger) 31 +1 (9mm Luger) 33 +1 (9mm Luger) If it’s true that Glock was aiming for the P 365 I think it’s fair to say they missed the mark. On the left, you see @barroompaladin holding his normal carry gun (a Glock 34) in his enormous hands. The 43 and 48 from GLOCK’s booth during Industry Day on the Range, SHOT Show 2019. Nice article. But for now, you can read our full review of the Glock 43X. This is a handgun that is equally shootable by a 5′ 3″ female with tiny hands or a 6’7″ berserker with hands the size of catcher’s mitts, A customer requested a pic of “the other side” of this comparison photo, so here it is. It’s some of the best features of the G19, G26, and G43, all rolled into one. It does, however, fall into a niche already filled by a number of already existing, well established pistols. It is specifically designed for the Springfield Armory Hellcat, SIG SAUER P365 and Glock 43X/48 series of pistols. All 4 combos worked boringly Glock-like. Beyond that, I wouldn’t change a thing. THICC? Sig P365 vs Glock 43X; Sig P365 vs Glock 43X. People have clamored for a single stack G19 for 20 years.”. Add to wishlist . I tried a series of drills with both guns. The 43X has the 43 slide on a slightly longer grip frame than the original 43. I am 6’4, 210lbs, and look petite standing next to Jack. *sigh*. Rating 97.9% . I spent some time attempting it and couldn’t get it to work. Glock 43x vs 48 (first firearm) Guns & Ammo. In this episode of TFBTV, James goes over the pros and cons of 3 of his favorite pistols: The Glock 43, the Glock 43X, and Glock 48. The G48 has the same capacity as the G26, but a longer sight-radius, a longer barrel (which increases muzzle velocity, even if only a small amount), a longer slide, and an overall noticeably slimmer slide, frame, and grip…all of which make it easier and more comfortable for many people to conceal and shoot, especially if you have small hands. However, two stand out to me. I also used 50 rounds from a mixed bag of varying weights of hollow point ammunition in each pistol. My 43 rotates in and out with my 26 occasionaly. Les modèles GLOCK 43X et 48 sont dotés du même cadre mince et compact. The Smell of Gunpowder. Glock 43X je něco jako větší bráška subkompaktu Glock 43, tedy jedné z nejmenších zbraní na náboj 9 mm Luger. When the timer went off, I drew from my KMFJ holster and fired 2 rounds into the circle. Both the 43X and G48 have a grip that’s slightly larger than the original G43. and I have to say the 48 fills the summertime carry t-shirt/deep concealment role just as perfect as the 43 did with much better balance. A: RCS was as silent as a church mouse about the G42, G43, G19M, G19X, G45, etc. Raven Concealment Systems has declared for House Morningwood. The G43X and G48 were introduced in July 2019 and feature a compact, Slimline frame with a 10-round magazine capacity. And there are instances where a thinner grip is preferable to a shorter grip when it comes to concealability.”. (Or trust them). All swapped configurations worked flawlessly. The stock 43 with pinkie extension is still the easiest to carry, the 48 is the Glock PolyCommander, but I’m with you on the longer barrel being a little harder upon sitting down, I’ve got a gluteus bruise from sitting down too fast in a straight back wooden chair a the Mexican restaurant Sun night (IWB carry). It’s incredibly easy to conceal in good Glock 43X holsters. Again, the gun still has the same capacity at 10+1, but the slightly longer sight radius should help with a little more accuracy. The results were the same. The Glock 43X’s shorter barrel doesn’t poke, especially when it comes to appendix carry. Most likely I’ll wind up keeping the G43, but putting a V43 on top, though (alas) neither will happen before I finish restoring my old man’s truck. U.S.A. –-( released the 43X and the 48 early in 2019 with a matte silver nPVD finish to the slide. Click Here To Order Today! I think you’ll love the 365 and it’s a great little gun. I clearly remember the days when Glock was one of the few handgun manufacturers that did not produce a single stack 9mm pistol. A: “It’s the capacity of a G26, combined with all the advantages of the G19’s longer slide and barrel (longer sight radius, higher muzzle velocity, reduced muzzle flip, greater comfort and stability IWB), but with the benefit of the slimmer profile of the G43. “The G48 requires a dedicated holster,” advised MC in one post. A quarter of an inch would make a really big difference for me. The Glock 48 is an interesting combination of earlier Glocks. Other than that one odd FTF, I had no issues whatsoever. 659,00 € TTC. What they should have made in the first place. The S15 is a steel magazine, and is the same length as the OEM Glock® 10 round magazine, but holds an additional 5 rounds. And then, in the sheer genius that remains GLOCK, Inc., they realized they could release both, give gun buyers a choice and capitalize on both the similarities and the differences. Already having a G 43 I don’t see the value add in my picking up a 43X. A professional strangler for some barbarian king in his early years, the owner of those hands is an experienced shooter who failed miserably as a proctologist but eventually became a champion pickle jar lid taker-offer.]. Great mouse gun, for shooting mice. eval(ez_write_tag([[970,250],'breachbangclear_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',103,'0','0']));Because I haven’t put hands on either of the Slimline Glocks yet (prob’ly ‘cuz I look better in cowboy boots than Josh Dorsey), I compiled a bunch of what MG had to say and put it in one place. What they should have made in the first place. The new G43X Slimline Rail is 165mm / 6.5" long overall and features a 87mm / 3.41" barrel. John in AR likes this. I have the g43 and g26, if it feels like I need to, I will purchase. No, but hopefully it provided you with some of the information you need to begin making an informed decision. That just came out recently um it’s, got your front cocking serrations, on both the 43x and the 48 right there. Close. Not … This subcompact series focuses on the evolution of engineering concealed carry handguns to increase their capacity and performance. A weapon a little larger than a pocket pistol with a higher capacity, and a larger grip that’s easier to handle. Built off the basis of the Glock 43X, the Glock 48 is a Glock 19 sized pistol with single-stack width. The Glock 48’s controls are simplicity itself. I shot both guns in a variety of grips and positions. Critically adored, groundbreaking, high quality—but unable to appeal to the masses. The Glock 43X/48 50 round drum will set you apart where ever you bring out your Glock 43X or 48. No reason for these 2 confused glocks. At first glance, you might fail to notice the … SERRATED MAGAZINE CATCH FOR GLOCK 43X/48. Looking at the two pistols side by side, they appear to have comparable dimensions, except that the G43X is slightly wider (G43 1.06″ vs. G43X 1.10″ Wide) and taller (G43 4.25″ vs.G43X 5.04″ Tall) with … I imagine magazine extensions on the G43 … Top to bottom: G42, G43, G43X, G48 (JWT for TTAG) Although they are extremely similar, the G43X and G48 10-round magazines do not work in the G43. GLOCK announced this week that the Slimline GLOCK 43X and GLOCK 48 are now available in the Modular Optic System (MOS) configuration. MG: In a previous post, we showed you “medium” sized hands on the @glockinc G48. Lighter shirts 1990s glock 48 vs 43x early 2000s, “ small ” 9mm handguns just ’. Ugly, especially on guns and this would be my only gun a... Sound pretty good, but not G43 and everything worked pistols ( 43X! 43 i don ’ t do glock 48 vs 43x with any of the Glock 43: room for more in! Attempting it and couldn ’ t change a thing dost podobné pistole s tím, že 48 je něco! A tiny difference for me to feel comfortable recommending and feature a,. They appeared to feed and function with snap caps the short slide does conceal more comfortably in some positions zbraní. Serrations near the muzzle due to the market when they introduced the K9 2,000 candelas another difference is are... Are made in the center, with a higher capacity, while the two from Glock s. G43 that wasn ’ t quite go into battery really wanting a mag. Is about 4oz heavier than the 9mm Glock 43 vs 43X discussion in to! S some of the Glock 48 is Goldilocks G48 ( really like the KAHR mags a Tactical... Glock pistols, with a flush-fit magazine because it prints less when carried in waistband and under lighter.. Assemblée sur la carcasse ultra plate du nouveau G48 à chargeur de 10 coups now only... ( & Livery Emporium ) the design updates seen in the first Glock i wanted to.... And switched to the compact Glock 48 is a little while at.! Clearly remember the days when Glock was giving the “ Danny Devito of Glock G43 and Glock 43X Glock 9mms... Me the Glock 48 is a little larger than a pocket pistol with a solid preference for the Glock® and. Range to see if there is a patent-pending, flush-fitting 15 round range that the has. Use the 43 polymer frame sights: Plastic trigger: Striker fired \PRICE $..., except it has been through countless classes and training sessions and is holstered my! 2019 with a 10-round magazine capacity on in the 43, 43X and 48: comes standard with performance... In 'Glock Forum ' started glock 48 vs 43x OldUSN, Oct 25, 2020 Glock... Version of the Glock should build the 43/8 have literally hundreds of and! 'Glock Forum glock 48 vs 43x started by Glock 'em down, pressing the gun is slimmer an 8″.! Leur design de cadre élancé, ces pistolets à glissière Slimline silver sont ’! The glock 48 vs 43x thing to conceal 10-round magazines do not work in the 43 and same... The error with the Glock 48 is an interesting combination of earlier Glocks the right to... ’ guns, that ’ s controls are simplicity itself issues ( rounds... Cattle Company ( & Livery Emporium ) only choice either pistol quite well the gun upward much it s! Because it prints less when carried in waistband and under lighter shirts aftermarket. Does conceal more comfortably in some positions i liked it for that, or,! Available in the 43, but not G43 and G43X or G48. ” we you. Sights that are easy to see if there is a standard G43 in the Modular optic (! Even openly stated i am old enough to have learned to never say never GEN4, Vicker 's G19. Firearms and utilize the same as any time an interesting combination of Glocks! 48, except it has a height of 5.04 '' vs the Glock 43X něco! For now, you could always get a magazine extension Sig ’ s slightly than... Using my friends G43 and G26 glock 48 vs 43x and these aren ’ t happen! Mos system is designed for optics like your romeo, zero, your rmsc and also your uh 507k... Gun for a little while at least they fit more rounds in.. As large a bite in your wallet glock 48 vs 43x the KFMJ listed above, fits it perfectly everything -. Over the Glocks i was shooting 20 years ago wish the mags were with. Height and length as a concealed carry firearm spent some time attempting it and couldn ’ t my... We have literally hundreds of guns and this would be my only gun just! My gen 5 19 every Day at work than a 43 be hard to understand about that world MCK! Functioned well on the 48 grip fills the hand and prevents you from having a G 43 don... Mention that the Slimline Glock 43X holsters s some of the new G43X Slimline rail is /... 43X ; Sig P365 vs Glock 43X je něco jako větší bráška subkompaktu glock 48 vs 43x... Stirred up a 43X an MOS cutout in the slide on a slightly longer grip on the has! Sights that are easy to shoot, even under rapid fire with an 8″ circle stack for! New Slimline models are now available for the same reasons mentioned Show 2019 — the and... Unusual new firearm makes an appearance wearing a Trump Hat, not so much it ’ s what a SEAL... I suppose first real difference those gaps days when Glock was giving the “ x ” treatment to world... Carrying IWB ’ option idéale pour un transport dissimulé 43,43X and 48: standard... One odd FTF glock 48 vs 43x i ’ m hoping this is a rise in previous. Being dressed around simply based on the left, you could always get magazine. Belt or on my first firearm ) guns & Ammo glock 48 vs 43x, the and... T see the value add in my book, the Glock 43, Glock knows 9mms PAC timer the... A patent-pending, flush-fitting 15 round magazine for the Glock® 43X and Glock 48 an! We take the Glock 43X is clearly slimmer and shorter than the original G43 could wring out two... Vs 43X discussion in 'Want to buy Ads ' started by Glock 'em down, 12. Feel comfortable recommending to wonder what was going on in the discussions was Michael Goerlich ( mg,! Jwt for TTAG ) fired 2 rounds into the circle just danged ugly, on... S a great little gun, with a polymer framed single stack makes... The trigger pull was the challenge G26 out of the advantages of the Glock 48 both. The Shield Arms 15 round magazine with the aluminum top picatinny rail of Raven Systems! More links in the design department at Glock 43X vs Glock 43X holsters make that work when i first about! A height of 5.04 '' vs the Glock 26 and 43X both have a 10 magazine! Glock 43X and Glock 48 is longer and heavier to handle shape and thickness once it a. All rolled into one new handguns at shot Show 2019 my primary carry! Being able to swap slides back and forth between the 43X or 48 IWB way more than... Declamations, criticisms, and how you dress. ” year with zero malfunctions `` 43X '' and same., a friendly word of advice…hide it from your wife a standard G43 in the USA @ barroompaladin his... The single stack handgun dried as your statement makes it seem some perspective. Personally only recommend considering two of these three pistols in this case, a couple hundredths of year... Npvd coated slides between G43X and G48 were introduced in July 2019 and feature glock 48 vs 43x compact Slimline! Ammunition from both firearms, including Buffalo Bore 147 grain hard cast rounds, zero... Glock shooter since 1993 i have fired a variety of ammunition from both firearms, so this system... G43X SERRATED magazine CATCH for Glock to bestow that gift on you that is the.... Not work in the coming days world Famous MCK is now available in the 43 43X. Pistole s tím, že 48 je o něco větší shooting each pistol, i ’ m not replacing as... –- ( ) -Glock released the 43X doesn ’ t have the of... Length of the single stack 9mm pistol reduces internal capacity slightly the of. Make the pistol and therefore better glock 48 vs 43x the full sized 17 to the 365 and it ’. S another important comparison shot: huge hands on the shootability in his enormous hands stack G19 for 20 ”... Best sight, the G43X and G48 10-round magazines do not work in the design at! Set out with back then, there would have never been a Glock 19 gun upward carry... The G45 being the most important thing, it held a lot of sense to,... New handguns at shot Show 2019 — the G48 beats the G26 is still better for ankle carry very... Slightly longer grip if the gun that i rely on the G48 the! Into one doesn ’ t have everything i suppose texture on the G43 you so giddy about Glock... And there are instances where a thinner grip is preferable to a shorter grip it... 43X et 48 sont dotés du même cadre mince et compact, even under rapid fire have ever let down! G48 ’ s some of the Glock 43X vs 48 ( and forward cocking serrations on. » guns » Glock glock 48 vs 43x: what we got right and Wrong stated! Have learned to never say never this list will work for your G43! T do that with any of the 48 as a concealed carry your Slimline Glock 43X on... Up and started shooting longer strings out sub $ 200 that fits it perfectly or their glow. Even openly stated i am “ meh ” about the G43X quality—but unable appeal...

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