best crankbait colors for florida bass

Muted chartreuse, orange, blue, and yellow are good colors for this time of year. The season starts earlier in South Florida. There are going to be times when bass are really active and color makes no difference at all. The Best Lures for Florida Bass ... Bass in Florida are often in heavy cover like hydrilla and a soft jerkbait is a good way to go in after them. Realistic lures work best … But Kevin describes his approach to the diving bill family of baits as a “system.” So let the most dominant bass angler of the past two decades choose your rod, reel, line and hooks, too. In 1987, Norman Lures offered the DD22, the first depth-designated crankbait. Walk into any tackle shop in the country, and you’re instantly confronted with hard and soft bass fishing baits in more colors than you can imagine. They work best in the coldest, most miserable conditions. Zoom trick worms are 6.75 inches long and come with 20 per pack. … “To be successful, you have to fish with the color the conditions call for. Four Must-Have Bass Lures For Florida. Rather than establish a combination of conditions larger than you’d find in a college statistics course, here are the six colors KVD uses that you can count on all year, and he explains when to use those six premium shades. Outfit your crankbait box with the following colors if you primarily fish clear water. The Greatest. While the 22 name stuck, underwater tests found it would scratch bottom in 17 feet at the peak of its dive. When visibility is high, bass can see a long ways and get a good look at your crankbait as it works its way through the water column. In the dirtiest water, and when you’re fishing in the northern states, there’s just something about fire tiger that gets fish agitated. To help out, we thought it would be a good idea to put together a basic guide to which colors are necessities, and under what conditions each shines brightest. Something like a chartreuse shad color is ideal. The great thing about bass jigs is they are effective year round. Soft jerkbaits can be … This wooden topwater lure has gained a … An old standby, there have probably been more stained water bass caught on chartreuse/blue back than any other pattern. JOIN TODAY! 1. Membership Includes 1 Year Bassmaster Magazine, Plus $50 in free gear. For that reason, think bright and contrasting when fishing crank baits in stained or dirty water. Color is critical to crankbait fishing success. “When it comes to choosing a color for topwaters in Florida, stick with some sort of gold, black and orange mix,” Lane suggested. Jay Yelas believes lure color is an important part of the presentation that … His favorite lipless crankbait is a Rapala Rippin’ Rap in gold or silver colors. Stained/Dirty Water Crankbait Color Selection. The Square … A great way to target TrophyCatch-sized bass, heavier than eight pounds, or numerous smaller bass in Florida is by casting to isolated cover. Consider other variables. Jigs: Though it is primarily used up north and not extremely popular in Florida we do use them quite a bit during certain times of the year. The thinner the line diameter, the deeper you can get a crankbait to dive. That’s a lot of shortcomings, but I still think the Shad Rap is the greatest crankbait of all time. ADVERTISEMENT. February through April are peak months in Central Florida. Having the right color can make a huge difference and increase your odds at catching more bass. Chartreuse/blue back. Best Jig: BiCO Original Lead Free Bass Jig. These colors will be easier for bass to see in stained water. Homer. In clear to slightly stained water, sexy shad has probably won more money in recent year on the top bass tours than any other color. It’s the very tackle tray he’ll fish from all year. Many companies make some version with a different name, but ask any of the old school crankers – you’d be a fool to leave it out of your arsenal. For that reason, the name of the game in clear water is matching the hatch. Kevin says it includes all you’ll ever need for shallow cranking. What would Caldemeyer do at Toyota Bassmaster Texas Fest. … The Best Rapala Shad Rap lure color for Florida Peacock Bass. And Lone Ranger has a chartreuse belly and a greenish-gray back. We are sorry that this post was not useful for you! All things pertaining to bass fishing in Florida are a little bigger, and jigs are no exception. Shallow-diving Rapala jerkbaits (in olive gold, gold or silver hues) are also productive for Florida wintertime bass. It’s essentially a color similar to Homer, but with black mottling on the sides. Honey isn’t much different, but it has a gold cast to it. The Florida largemouth bass has a reputation as a "tackle buster." The Heddon Super Spook Jr is a smaller version of the best-selling Heddon Super Spook. Realistic vs. In fact, study the tackle tray he holds in his hands in the attached photo, and you’ll get a rare inside look at the tray full of KVD 1.5 crankbaits he actually carries in his boat. He defines crankbait conditions, and subsequently his color of choice, by three parameters: 1) Water color, 2) Season, 3) Available forage. Here are few fall fishing tactics that are highly effective this time of year. Here is our guide to clear water and stained water crankbait color selection. 3. “Sexy shad is awfully good in a lot of situations, but I only choose it about 30 percent of the time, based on its fit for the conditions,” says VanDam. The importance of color will vary from day to day and lake to lake. It’s almost a blend between sexy shad and chartreuse/blue back, and it’s just as effective as either. It’s ... 2. This saltwater lure features rugged line ties and hoo… The Rapala Shad Rap Crank bait has the following features The world's best running hardbait, hand-tuned and tank-tested at the factory. This Lure presents a wounded action that entices all gamefish. It’s the perfect shad emulator. Fall Jigging. They eat em’, so why not have a crankbait that looks like them. Bone White. Cream pie is a creamy shad color with a bronze looking back. That’s the price you pay for glory. The bright chartreuse stands out in stained water, and it’s still a hot bait with top touring pros when the water gets dirty. Citrus Shad. It is a standard color for soft plastic lizards, finesse worms, and other worms. Cold water crankbaits one of those things most people don't really want to throw, but still need to know how to. “For some reason that combination of … Best Jig: Rapala Terminator Pro JigBuy from Amazon Buy from As good as this is for anglers with unlimited bait budgets, it can make crankbait color selection a nerve wracking proposition, as it can be downright difficult to decide which colors to buy. Bold. Cold water crankbaits are typically finesse crankbaits so spinning rod lovers seem to excel above and beyond their competition when the bite is on. Not even Sexy Shad. When the visibility drops, bass have a greatly diminished sight distance, and as such you need something that will cut through the gloom and give them something to target. 3. Depth: 3 feet. If you are planning a trip, spring is the best time to hunt a trophy bass. Expert jerkbait angler Randy Blaukat simplifies the process by narrowing jerkbait colors down to three basic and broad categories. CHATTERBAIT. A jig could mean anything with a lead head fastened on the top of the hook. Find out what our TOP 4 favorite peacock bass lures are to help you catch more fish next time you get out. 1. Swap them around until you find what they like. 4. Zoom Worm Bass Soft Plastic. Some anglers prefer to leave those spawning females alone, which is good for conservation . It offers tons of contrast, which causes fish to come from far away to smash it. So, what are the best color of lures and baits to use for bass … Bass will gobble down and go crazy over a well-chosen crankbait. Weight: 1/2 ounce. Why do they invoke such an aggressive response from bass? Most manufacturers make excellent bluegill imitators, and they’re especially effective in northern lakes where bluegill is a primary forage species year round. My first choice is almost always a crankbait in the fall. 10 Record-Setting Fish Caught In Utah This Season, 4 Tips To Prevent Your Feet From Freezing This Winter, Everything You Want To Know About The 10,000 Fish Yoto Worm, How The Army Uses Christmas Trees To Make Fishing Better, 10 Fishing Tips That Will Help You Catch A New Personal Best Bass. Flukes flat out catch … For impressive versatility, choose the BiCO Original Bass … BIG JIG. Even though its compacter in dimension, the Super Spook Jr still features the same high-quality, heavy-duty construction and is just as fantastic in its ability to hook big fish. Topwater Lure Color: Golden Advice Lane’s first piece of advice is worth its weight in gold – literally. An old standby, there have probably been more stained water bass caught on chartreuse/blue back than any other pattern. Get best fishing times with lunar fishing calendars, Daily Limit: Back in Elites, Hackney, Christie feel like rookies, Feider’s 9-pounder at Lake Fork wins him a Tundra, Lester looking to avoid Lake Fork’s coffee colored water. Fire Tiger. In other words, bluegill crankbaits bring you a lot of big bass in the spring – particularly when the spawn is on. And it runs best on light line, so despite the fact that it tempts big fish, you’re going to have to battle them gingerly—and probably see a few go buh-bye.

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